What Do I Blog About?

Here, I’m going to give you a rundown of all the types of things I post about on this blog.


I’m trying to do a thing where I post something music related every Friday, so if you’re into music, subscribe! I post monthly playlists, talk about bands I like, and talk about new songs that are released by those bands that I like.


I don’t make a post about every book that I like, but when a book has a big impact on me, and I have a lot to say, a blog post about it WILL go up within 24-hours. I just can’t help myself…

Movies & TV Shows:

This is just for when I’m either addicted to a TV show or a movie has just turned me into a zombie because of the emotional impact of the movie.

Life In General:

Sometimes I think about stuff, a lot, and then I start thinking, does anyone else thing about this to, which then leads me to make a blog post about spiralling thoughts, or my option on one topic or another.


I post about a lot of things. If something funny, scary, happy, exciting, stupid, or traumatising happens to me, you will know about it. Because… experiences?


Very occasionally, I feel like writing a poem of sorts, which probably just ends up sounding really pretentious, but I try.