Makeup. That thing people paint on their face to make themselves look better. I have nothing against makeup, or people that wear it. But for me, I like to have my makeup look as natural as possible. I've always been like that. I've always loved looking natural. Leaving my hair in its natural, curly state. … Continue reading makeup

how are you?

How are you? A question we do not ask enough. The amount of times I've been sitting alone, waiting, hoping, that someone would stop and ask me how I'm doing is not fair. We need to be more aware. Of our surroundings and specifically the people around us. I think that a lot of us … Continue reading how are you?


I was inspired to write this post by a conversation I had a few days ago. About karma. People who believe in karma believe that if you do something bad, in turn, something bad will happen to you. As a way of the universe getting revenge, I guess. I think people believe in karma because … Continue reading karma

Travel Tag!

I was tagged by Indiesonglyrics to do this tag and honestly her blog should get a lot more recognition than it does because there is clearly a lot of work put into each individual post and I love the blog! (It's probably one of my favourite's to read!) So, thank you for tagging me! What … Continue reading Travel Tag!