the indy chronicle #1

A new series! Inspired by It’s Simply Me, Jasmine, I have decided that instead of writing occasional posts about my day, I would make updates every now and then about what is going on in my life! I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while, and have finally decided to go ahead with it!

Also, I find that posts about what is happening in people’s lives really interesting and intriguing, and I also find them really fun to write. So I hope you guys feel the same!

Skipping class (not really)

The last few days at school haven’t really felt very school like because almost half of our year are on a trip to the snow. I had a double for art and we were allowed to go for a walk in between the double. I decided to go to the top of the school, and ended up laying on the grass with Hannah and another friend.

About ten minutes passed, I saw another person from my class was up there too, so I decided that when they head back that I would too. So that if we get in trouble it won’t be me alone. Anyway, another ten or fifteen minutes passed and then I suddenly noticed that they were gone and I was over twenty minutes late.

I told my friends I should probably go back to class and headed back down to the bottom of the school. I hurried to my class, fingers crossed that I wouldn’t get in much trouble… and when I walked in? The teacher looked up and then just said “hey” and went back to doing whatever he was doing.

Destroying classrooms (again, not really)

I was in PE, and because of the snow trip there weren’t many people there, so the teacher told us that we were going to go out and do practical with some other classes. I was sitting with a friend of mine up the back, and we were the last ones out of the classroom when the teacher asked us to stay back and clean up. Knowing that cleaning up gets us out of PE – at least for a while – we agreed. She gave us the key and told us to lock up when we were done.

The only thing really to do was push some chairs in and tidy the desks. So we took our time. One chair was sitting way out and my friend walked up to it and kicked the chair… and it went flying up into the air and landed a few feet away. We burst out laughing like maniacs and then fixed the chair.

Then we decided to fix some other chairs as well, and tried to make everything as tidied as possible – to waste time, of course. When we were finished and there was nothing left to do we decided to lock up and join the others.

When we arrived it was clear that this was a “do whatever you want” type PE lesson, and so we ended up just walking around the school for the rest of our PE time.

Perfect Places Music Video

I just saw the Perfect Places music video and I love it so much, everything about it is amazing. The locations, Lorde’s singing, Lorde’s dancing, Lorde’s outfits. Everything. It was so good, and I liked the song, but now with the music video out I can’t help but love the song.

Atomic Blonde

I went to see Atomic Blonde one night with my family and it was okay. It was kind of boring. It was okay but I became bored and wanted to check the time on my phone at least five times, and towards the end I was kind of just begging for them to rap it up already.


I did parkrun this week, just like I do every week with Jade, Mia, and Hannah. We run five kilometres, and it honesty felt a lot harder than it usually does, which is a bad sign because next week I’m running 14 kilometres for the City2Surf. Also, I ran it in 31 minutes!

Waffles for breakfast

Hannah, Jade, Mia and I decided to go to The Hood Milk Bar for some breakfast after our 5k run, and Jade and I both ordered waffles with fruit and ice cream! Yum! I ordered mine with Peanut Butter ice cream, and Jade ordered hers with Nutella ice cream! And Hannah got an iced chocolate, and a gourmet doughnut from Doughheads!

Watching a play

At the last minute, my friends and I decided to all go to see this play that some of my other friends were in (they were part of the orchestra). And when I say at the last minute, I’m serious. We decided that day to go.. and it was the last day that it was showing. The play was really good and enjoyable.


After the play, some of my friends came back to my house and slept over. We probably went to sleep at around 2am, and we were pretty tired by then. I woke up at 7am six hours later too so after that I was even more tired.


Yep. I got braces. I was honestly really scared to get them on because lots of people were saying that it really aches and you can’t eat anything but soup for days. And maybe that’s true for some people. But luckily for me it doesn’t ache at all. And it’s been two days since I got them on and I can already chew again, except I can’t really bite down with my front teeth just yet.

City2Surf Training

I’m completing the City2Surf this weekend in Sydney with my friend Jade. And so, we decided on Monday afternoon to go for a run to see how far we can go, because the City2Surf is a 14k run.

Long story short, we weren’t that productive when it came to training… but we did take some amazing photos as we were running along the beach! (My header photo is actually one that we took on our run!)

Me attempting to get some “model” shots for instagram.

An excursion to the Sydney Opera House (and sleeping through Macbeth)

I went on an excursion with some friends to Sydney to see MacBeth. It was for year 10s, but since there were still spots left, it was open to year 9s that were in the top class, and so, being in that class, I decided to go.

It was pretty fun on the trip there. I mainly just listened to music and talked with some friends. Then, when we arrived we had a little under an hour to do what we wanted before the play started, so we went and bought food. I ended up getting a hot chocolate,  and then later a salted caramel ice cream.

Me (on the far left) and some friends with our ice cream! (I put hearts over our school logo because no one needs to see that hahah.)

Then, when the play was going, I started to get kind of confused as to what was going on because I hadn’t actually read the play (but our teacher had explained to us the basic plot line) I became really bored.. and actually feel asleep. Multiple times. I kept getting woken up every time an actor made a loud noise or shouted and then I’d just fall asleep again.

I figured out later that I must have just been really exhausted in general because when I got home I changed into my pjs and got into bed to watch some Netflix (even though it was only 8pm) and ended up falling straight asleep.

A day off

After my busy weekend, braces, and then an excursion… my mum (surprisingly) let me take a day off just to recover. A much needed break that is. I mainly just lay around watching YouTube all morning, but by 10am I decided to have a shower and actually do something.

Thursday Night Shopping

On Thursday afternoon, I went with my mum to the shops because she had an appointment and we decided to go get some food and look around beforehand. For dinner we had Nandos, and then after I walked around with my mum while she we waited for her appointment.

Later, I went and looked around some book stores, browsing the shelves. I had to resist the urge to purchase anything though as this weekend I’m going down to Sydney with Jade for the City2Surf.

After I grew bored of looking at books I couldn’t buy, I decided to sit down and read the book I had brought with me; My Heart And Other Black Holes. It’s really good so far, although I’m only 70 pages in.

talk later,

Indy xx

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7 thoughts on “the indy chronicle #1

  1. sincerely me says:

    That is so great that you are coming down to Sydney for City2Surf. I am not competing but my best friend is, so I might see you there and not even know it ahah. Good luck!!
    Beth xx

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