Q and A #2

This my little Q and A to celebrate the fact that my blog has officially reached 200 followers! It’s honestly insane to think that anyone would want to read the nonsense sentences that I string together and publish on this blog.

But anyway, let’s move on now, and start with the questions…

Who’s your role model in life?


Right now, my role model and inspiration to work hard on my blog and online presence is Arden Rose. I love her videos, and every time I watch one I get really inspired to get up and actually get something done. She’s really motivating and I really love her channel.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?


This is a really hard question because I love ice cream! And I go to many different ice cream places frequently because that’s how much I love my ice cream. So, because I could never choose just one, I’m going to name my top three. Ferrero rocher, salted caramel, and peanut butter. They are all so delicious!

What is the first thing you look at on your phone when you wake up?


I know the first thing I do on my phone is definitely check my notifications. So usually I’ll be opening snapchat streaks and replying to comments on my blog and that sort of stuff, but obviously the types of notifications will vary from day to day. But after I’ve done that – depending on what I have on that day – I might check my Instagram and twitter feed, but that’s only if I don’t have to get ready for school.

Writing or reading?


As a blogger and a total bookworm I feel really torn having to answer this question. I mean, don’t they come hand in hand? Like exercise and a good diet? You need both to be optimally happy. …but if I have to choose, I’d probably choose reading. Because I feel like you can gain a lot more from reading what others have to say the just writing from your own perspective.

Favourite song?


This has to be the hardest question to answer. How can you ever choose just one song? I’m going to go with a sporadic decision for this one, because I have so many old favourites, so I think I’m going to say one I just started listening to the other day after I watched the music video for the first time. It’s called Got Love by Thundamentals and whenever I listen to it, it just makes me really happy. I also find it kind of hilarious how it’s hip-hop music or whatever but they’re seeing about being happy.

What made you start your blog?


I’ve actually answered this question before in my first Q and A, so feel free to check it out here.

What is your pet peeve?


You do not want want me to get started on all the things that annoy me. But if I have to choose one, I’m going to go with a very specific example. It’s kind of hard to explain but basically, where my bed is, next to it there is a door that leads to my sister’s room, and we have a blind that is pulled down because the door is glass. But at night, when I’m trying to sleep, she leaves the light on, and so then this tiny beam of light shines RIGHT into my eyes. And then, I have to get up to turn it off, which means I have to pull my bedside table away from the door (because we don’t actually use the door to walk through) and open it, then climb into her room to turn it off. And by then, I’m wide awake.


And those are all the questions you guys asked me!

(Also. I’ve decided to now only use images that I have taken for my headers, so please tell me what you think?)

talk later,

Indy xx

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12 thoughts on “Q and A #2

  1. sincerely me says:

    I definitely like the idea of your own images for headers. It gives the post a lot more individuality and uniqueness. (Btw, that image is amazing). Congratulations on 200 followers as well!
    Beth xx

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