200 followers Q and A?

So I have ultimately decided that in celebration of my blog reaching 200 followers – which is insane – I’m going to be doing a Q and A!

I was considering doing a little “thank you letter” where I just thanked all the people that are in my life for everything they’ve done for me individually, writing short “letters” to them all and posting it on here. But I quickly realised that there was a huge problem with that idea. At the moment I don’t really know where this blog stands. Some people from my school know about this blog and some don’t. So I think it would be pretty weird if I wrote a thank you to someone that didn’t even know this blog existed, and I’d want to get permission to write about them, which means that I’d have to tell them all about this blog. Or I could write about someone and have a “codename” which would be weird and annoying as someone else I know could probably read it and easily figure out who I’m talking about anyway. So you see, as of right now, that idea would turn out a mess. Therefore, I have decided to keep that for another achievement.

Anyway, I still want to celebrate reaching 200 – now 207 – followers on here. Everyday I’m still surprised that anyone would want to follow this blog where I basically just ramble about things I like and things that happen to me.

Please leave your questions in the comments, and in a week I will write a post answering your questions.

talk later,

Indy xx

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20 thoughts on “200 followers Q and A?

  1. Ryry's Avalanche of Thoughts says:

    This is so cool! So my question is, What is your pet peeve?
    Congrats by the way on the achievement, you truly deserve it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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