monthly music – july

I have decided to start a new series on this blog that I will be calling “Monthly Music”. The idea isn’t very original, but I really do love music, and would love to share what I have been loving with you guys for each month.

This month I haven’t really discovered anything new, unless you want to count the Baby Driver Soundtrack as “new”. But I have been listening to a lot of songs that I used to listen to and have now come back to.

Egyptian Reggae – Baby Driver Soundtrack

Egyptian Reggae is a song that has no lyrics, yet I find it strangely appealing. I really like the beat and the complete sound of it, and I can understand how it made its way into the Baby Driver playlist.

Bongolia – Baby Driver Soundtrack

Another song from Baby Driver, that again has no lyrics. Honestly, I love this song because it just makes me really happy whenever I hear it. It’s like it reminds me of all the happy endings in every story ever written and I can’t help but be happy.

Chemical World – Baby Driver Soundtrack

Yes, this song actually has some lyrics. But, of course, my favourite part of the song is The Intermission where there are no lyrics. And I just had to include another song from Baby Driver! Its literally all I’ve been listening to since I watching the film. I was actually considering putting Bellbottoms into this playlist, but I thought it probably gets enough recognition considering its the song that inspired the movie.

We Don’t Believe What’s On TV – Twenty One Pilots

I honestly hadn’t been listening to Twenty One Pilots all that much recently, but after a conversation with a friend of mine, where we made a joke about the “yeah yeah yeah” part of the song, I had to listen to it. And so, it has made its way onto my monthly listens.

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

I love this song so much, and really I love all of The Neighbourhood’s songs, but if I had to pick one to represent them best, this would be it. I don’t know why, but their music always reminds me of a dreary day in an urban area.

Cold Cold Cold – Cage The Elephant

I just had to choose something from Cage The Elephant’s Tell Me I’m Pretty album! And for some reason Cold Cold Cold seemed really appealing to me. Although Trouble is a pretty good song from that album too.

Take It Or Leave It – Cage The Elephant

Honestly the music video for this song makes it look like it is SO old, but its not. It’s Cage The Elephant’s album Melophabia. I don’t know what it is about this song, but I just love it, and I’ve always loved it, from the first time I heard it six months ago.

How To Fly – Sticky Fingers

This was one of the first songs I heard by Sticky Fingers and I really like it. Well, of course I would have had to, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have decided to try any of their other songs and I probably wouldn’t be talking about it right now. But, you get what I mean.

D is for Danger – Arctic Monkeys

This song is one of my favourite from their Favourite Worst Nightmare album, and I honestly just think its a really good song. (I’m really sucky about explaining why I like a song, but do we even know why we like certain songs most of the time?)

Slowtown – Twenty One Pilots

Slowtown reminds me so much of summer holidays when I was really young. (Actually the whole album gives me that vibe, but anyway.) And I like to listen to this song when I feel really overwhelmed and like life is moving way too fast. The song seems to ground me. And it annoys me so much that its not as well known as some of their other songs.

Happy Pills – Weathers

This song isn’t very well know, but its really good. This band honestly seems really promising. Weathers has only released two songs, although they have also released some snippets of other songs they are working on, and I am very excited because I just know whatever they’re going to release it going to be fantastic.

She Only Loves Me When I’m There – Ball Park Music

She Only Loves Me When I’m There is actually one of the first “rock” songs I think I ever liked. I just found it one day – about four years ago – and I loved it ever since. Which is why I decided to put it last, as a little throwback to what I would say was the first time I started discovering music for myself.

So there we have it! The songs that I have personally been loving for the month of July. Let me know what you’re favourite out of this list was, and what you have been loving this month!

talk later,

Indy xx

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