perversion of our youth

I was twelve

When a man

In a trade van

Cat-called me

On the street

Words long forgotten

Yet a memory stained

Forever on my brain


I was thirteen

When a man

In a P-plated car

Stopped next to me

And pulled out his genitals

Scarring my innocent mind


I was fourteen

When my figure

Started turning heads

When I walked down the street

Attracting unwanted attention from strangers


I was fourteen again

When a group of young adult men

Nineteen or so in age

Asked me to join them

On a wak in the dark

Even after I said

I’m only fourteen


We think that perversion

Is a trait of old men

But why then

In my experience

Has it always been those that are youthful

That have looked at me in ways that are sinful?


In ways that make you want to shiver in fear

To hide

When their gaze sweeps over you

As you can feel their mind undressing you

As they watch your movements

In their twisted perception

Of girls far younger than I should mention


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6 thoughts on “perversion of our youth

  1. Tiana (The Book Raven) says:

    It makes me sick to think about how women’s bodies are so sexualized that many people think that it is ok to push their wants onto women with no regard to a woman as a person. It also is insane how often I’m at work or simply put in the world and I’m afraid of other people’s come on’s. It’s sad to always feel a little bit afraid, especially in a world that is meant to be safe, but never will be.

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    • theiridescentworldofindy says:

      That is so perfectly worded. I’m really glad someone understands where I am coming from. All the events that i wrote about in the poem were true and its so scary to think of how people in their 20s are preying on girls that are 14. I didn’t ask for it, and although its irrelevant, I never wear particularly revealing clothes and are not trying to grab the attention of anyone.

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      • Tiana (The Book Raven) says:

        That’s true! I’m 18 and when I’m at work my clothes are actually rather unflattering, but that doesn’t stop people weather in their 20’s or the worse was a guy that was in his 40’s from trying to come on to me. I don’t even wear makeup or anything to work.. I work in fast food. No girl would ever ask for it… i also hate that rape culture seems to always portray the woman as asking for it and it tears at my heart. No matter what you wear you should not have to go through something so terrible and tragic.

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      • theiridescentworldofindy says:

        Exactly! And I know what you mean about fast food clothes being unflattering. They’re usually just baggy-ish plain black with the logo for McDonalds’s or KFC or whatever printed on them. And a guy in their 40s! Omg! Wow. I would be so creeped out if that happened, and probably slightly glad that I’m at work and not just on the street somewhere. And the whole thing about rape culture honestly makes me so angry, I can’t believe that people are willing to blame the victim for the assaulter’s actions.

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