bone gap by laura ruby – book review

He’d been drawn here by the grass and bees and the strange sensation that this was a magical place, that the bones of the world were looser here, double-jointed, twisted back on themselves, leaving spaces one could slip into and hide…

When a beautiful young woman goes missing, the people of Bone Gap are happy to assume she’s run away. Only Finn knows the truth about what happened to her – and only Petey Willis, the beekeeper’s fiery daughter, seems prepared to believe him.

Although the description of this book makes it sound like something that you’ve read before, believe me when I say that it is not. From the moment I started this book I knew from the writing that this story was going to be different, and it was.

This book follows multiple characters as you see the part that they play in this story that is so brilliantly told. After Roza has been missing for a couple of weeks, and everyone assumes that she decided to leave, Finn is still looking. Finn knows that she didn’t just up and leave. He was there. But as he struggles to uncover the events that unfolded before him, he becomes closer to Petey, until Petey figures out why Finn can’t seem to put into words what he saw.

I absolutely loved reading this novel! Ruby draws you into this whimsical world that is Bone Gap, and she doesn’t let you go until the secrets have been set free, and even then, you don’t want to leave. By writing from the perspectives of many characters, you see how different events appeared for the different characters, and how perspective really does play a huge factor in life. Ruby weaves magical realism in such a way that you start to doubt what is real and what is myth.

Bone Gap is a masterful and seductive tale of love, magic, regret, and forgiveness. The type of book that every time you read, you will learn something new from it. I was addicted from the first page, when it was clear that this novel was like nothing I’d ever read before it.

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