a very eventful long weekend

Okay, so I have had a very long weekend, and I have actually done a lot this weekend, so I thought I would share my experiences with you guys!


Saturday morning I went to parkrun with Maddie and Jane. It was super fun and there was cake at the end to celebrate the fifth year that our city has done it. Also, there is a really cute guy that does parkrun, and his whole family does it, and they’re all super athletic.

Anyway, after parkrun I went home and I went to this HUGE sale that I was on. Three high end stores came together and had a sale where nothing was over $50.

I bought three things but Sarah and her friends showed up, (I’m not surprised though, because she is the one who told me about the sale) and they all had their hair braided as they had just come from a sleepover at Sarah’s house. As soon as I saw them, I wanted to disappear. I just didn’t want to be there anymore.

My mum was waiting in line to pay for her stuff, and I asked if I could go wait in the car, and she told me I had to wait. I tried to beg her with my eyes but she didn’t catch on. Finally I relented and asked if I could at least wait outside.

And this is what I bought from the sale.

This really cute mid-riff top! Originally $80 and bought for $20! That’s $60 off!


I have no idea what this is called… but its cute!? I don’t know, it just seemed really beachy. Originally $90 and bought for $30! Thats $60 off!

This dress! I don’t know how much it was originally, but we bought it for $10.

Around 3:00pm I decided I really needed to go for a walk. Like, I really just felt like it. So I went down the end of my street, then up this little stairway that leads to the next street. And I found this really pretty flower while I was there.

Later, I went to the shops with my mum and we went to a cafe where I ordered an iced chocolate, and she had an extra hot hot chocolate. Then, I went to look in this fancy book store, while she went to buy a dress for this 80s themed dance thing that she was going to with her friends. (It’s like for people 40 and over.)

Funny story… they closed the book store while I was in there.. and I had to awkwardly ask them to open the doors again so that I may leave.


Sunday morning, I went to the shops (again) with my mum, so that I could get a new screen protector for my phone, because mine came off.

While I was there Maddie called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the trampoline park. We agreed that she would pick me up from my house, which led my mum rushing to return a dress, and me rushing to the car to leave.

I made it home in time to change and then Maddie came by. When we got there, we saw a guy from our school working there, and then we went into the opposite section so there was no awkward eye contact.

Maddie and I spent most of our time in the inflatables, and it was so so fun.


After we got some McFlurrys from McDonalds, and then they dropped me home.

I then ate some macaroni cheese (that my brother had made), for lunch. It was delicious! I applied for a couple of local places that were looking for jobs, including the local Sephora(!!!!) that is opening up soon!

Later, my mum took us to see Wonder Woman at the cinemas and I loved it! It was so good! Unfortunately… my mum fell asleep… during the fight scene! But other than that I loved it! I also bought some really good (healthier?) snacks for the movie!

healthy snacks?

And for dinner we had homemade chicken satay! My favourite thai dish!


Monday morning, I decided the goal for the day was finished the homework I’d neglected all weekend and reading Beautiful Broken Things. Only, it reached 9:00am when I was still in my bunny rabbit themed peter alexander pyjamas that my mum asked if I wanted to come to the shops with her. But she said I had to hurry!

So I ran into my room, changed into some jeans and a hoodie, threw on deodorant, and got in the car. I didn’t get time to shower or do my makeup, which I was kind of annoyed about. (Don’t worry, I showered the night before, so I wasn’t gross or anything.)

My mum had been in a hurry because she didn’t want to have to worry about parking… but when we got there the car park was empty! And this was because none of the shops opened until 10:00… and it was 9:20!

…so we found a cafe that was open and had a hot chocolate and a muffin.

My mum’s coffee and blueberry muffin and my hot chocolate and choc chip muffin!

Taking my leftover muffin with me because it was too yummy to leave behind!

When we were finished we went grocery shopping and I picked out some yummy and healthy snacks for school!

My mum and to return this dressing gown she had bought for my brother’s birthday (because she found a better one online), so I went into Valleygirl and found the cutest jacket! And mum bought it for me! (for MY birthday next month)

A cute jumper that I didn’t end up buying because I already have a jumper… but I kind of regret not buying it now…

The cutest jacket that I have ever bought!

I practised my makeup skills… that I have not used for months! And did a little bit of full coverage makeup.. because I’m hoping I’ll get an interview for Sephora!

A rare photo of me with full makeup (featuring my sister’s Ned Kelly artwork!)

Later, mum’s friend came over for dinner, and we all talked about our weekend, and school, and just that kind of thing! Once dinner finally ended, and mum’s friend left, we all went to our bedrooms.. which leads me here, finishing my post about the weekend!

I hope you enjoyed my recap of the last couple days! What did you get up to?

talk later,

Indy xx

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7 thoughts on “a very eventful long weekend

  1. l.a. says:

    i looove how you incorporate your own photos into your posts. you’ve scored some pretty sweet deals. i haven’t had arizona green tea in a while and i really miss it. ahh, i really wanna watch wonder woman! have you seen the black panther trailer?

    Liked by 1 person

    • theiridescentworldofindy says:

      No, I haven’t seen the black panther trailer. But I’ll be sure to check it out! Wonder Woman was actually one of very few super hero movies that I have watched. And I thought it was really good! (aside from its predictability.)


    • theiridescentworldofindy says:

      Thank you! I was very busy that weekend 😂😂 I’m usually not. Although, I haven’t uploaded in a while because I’ve been very busy with school, but I’m currently working on a life update so that should be coming soon… I hope! 😂 (I’ve had so much going on that I need to share with everyone! And I think my coming post will be better than this one!)


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