friendship is not a switch flick

Something I have definitely come to realise is that friendship does not start or end with the flick of a switch. You can’t just start talking to someone overnight and become best friends, and you can’t just stop talking to someone that you talk to everyday.

I mean, this point and probably this whole idea for a blog post is kind of… obvious.

But, it wasn’t very clear to me, so here I am pointing it out.

As a lot of you would know, I tried cutting off someone whom I used to talk to on the daily, and it was the biggest struggle and the hardest thing I experienced so far this year. Thankfully the hard part is over, and I can move forward.

As well as that, I have also started to become friends with some new people and it has taken a VERY long time. Literally, every week I’d be thinking about a way to come up with how to ask to sit with them, and every day I’d activity try to talk to someone from that group so we an get to know each other better.

I’m a very shy person so taking this all slowly was kind of the only way.

Thankfully all this payed off when, funnily enough, my opportunity came in a situation where I shouldn’t have even been where I was. Let me explain…

So, I was in Elective History with Pandora and Juliet, and four people from that other group are in that class. Anyway, Juliet is injured so she gets to leave five minutes before class ends so that she doesn’t have to move through all the people when the bell does go. I was going to go with her, but Pandora decided to skip the cleaning up, leaving it to me and going with Juliet.

But then, because I still had to wait, and my friends had abandoned me, I went to talk to the other group. Let’s name the people in the group, in case it comes up again. Cassiopeia, Alya, Estella, and Astrid. Some of the people who are in that group but weren’t there can be called Pheobe and Halley. Anyway, I asked them what sport they were choosing for next term, and they said ice skating. I love ice skating! They asked me what I was choosing, and I told them how my group had decided to do squash or something and I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. Which is all true. Then, when the bell went and we were leaving class, I asked Alya if I could join them for ice skating next term, and she said sure.

Then yesterday, when I was walking behind Alya and Astrid, Alya checked that I was in fact doing ice skating with them, and then they both asked me what class I was going to. I was going to art and they were going to marine.

Also, when I was in English I let Cassiopeia borrow the book I brought (we’re reading in English) because she really wanted to read it (its called The Hate U Give, and I’m writing a review for it as soon as I finish.) and I had to fill out the student incident report anyway so I couldn’t read.

Anyway, I guess I kind of got side-tracked on this post. But I started it with the intension to say that friendship BARELY starts like a flick of a switch, its a long process, but slowly, if both people in a potential friendship try, you will become friends.

talk later,

Indy xx


13 thoughts on “friendship is not a switch flick

  1. l.a. says:

    hi indy,
    i’d like to begin my congratulating you on cutting out toxic people from your life. it takes a great deal of strength to do that, especially when you used to be so close to them.
    making new friends can be hard, but it seems like you’re taking just the right steps. good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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