a stranger’s life flashed before me

So… today was a normal day for me… until someone almost(?) died.

I walked to my bus stop, as usual, except this time I decided to go 10 minutes earlier. I ended up being the first person there, but it wasn’t long until other people started to show up to wait for my bus. It was a rainy cold morning in my city, and I sat undercover and scrolled through twitter as cars drove past on their way to work.

When suddenly a screech and then a crash rang shook my eardrums. I looked up just in time to see a truck smash into a car that had been coming out of it’s driveway. The truck then skidded and smashed into the next car in front of it, probably giving both drivers whiplash, but hopefully nothing more.

The truck was left looking fine, almost no visible damage. The first car it had hit had had its entire front taken off, with the glass all shattered and collapsed, and smashed into a pole. The second car that had been hit had its back lights completely smashed, but otherwise was unharmed.

I was stunned. My sister grabbed her phone to snapchat it, and I immediately told her that it completely inappropriate to put it on her story. I was frozen. I couldn’t stop thinking “are they okay?” over and over again.

Everything had stopped for a full minute until people started to register what had happened, and were taking action.

The man in the truck ran out and went to help the person he had hit, while other people left their cars and houses to check on the injured man in the smashed up car. The other lady who had been hit ran to help too. Immediately the public school girl next to me was on the phone, reporting the accident, requesting an ambulance to be sent, and telling them the location.

I did nothing.

None of us catholic school kids did a thing. It was the public school kids that knew exactly what to do in this situation. Now, I’m not saying that we should have been better because we go to a catholic school, but there was just a clear distinction between us and them in that moment, and it wasn’t in our favour. We didn’t know what to do.

Amidst all this devastation, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and hope, at how everyone had come to help this man in the accident. People called the police, cars pulled over, people come out of their houses to assist, a man signalled to the ambulance when it arrived. The people of my big city came together that morning to help the people who had been caught up in this horrible accident.

It reminded me of all the good that is in this world; which is usually found among the bad.

I don’t know much about the man. He must have been severely injured. All I know is that when the girl called across the road to ask, the adults told her that he was breathing. He was alive. But for how long?

I think the scariest thing is that in an alternate reality the speeding car could have come spinning and crashed into my bus stop, which was just metres from the accident. Or even, that car could have come speeding over the hill ten minutes earlier, when my mum was riding on her scooter off to work, and it could have hit her.

That accident could have killed me, my sister, or my mum. Or even someone else standing on the pathway.

I hope beyond hope that that man is okay, and that he recovers.

talk later,

Indy xx


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