a rant about a petty person

Before I start, some of you might think that I am petty. BUT I don’t really think I’m petty when it compares to this one person. Also, editing this I found that this is one of the longest posts I’ve ever written, a full 1266 words, so… I recommend getting comfy, and maybe getting some tea or hot chocolate.. or if its warm where you are you can grab some iced tea or just water.

So all these arguments are over text. Why? I don’t know. Thats just where it all is?

Okay, so on Friday, and I’m not going to go into the details, but this girl, let’s call her Bianca, started a drama with my friend Juliet. It started with Bianca saying she was Italian and Juliet said she was too. Then, because Juliet is white, Bianca said that Juliet can’t be Italian. When Juliet said that her great grandmother was raped by an Italian man, and Bianca didn’t believe her. It turned into a full argument over text, until Juliet just told her to forget it because it wasn’t worth her time.

Then, on Monday, Maddie told Bianca that she was also Italian (and Maddie actually looks Italian) and Bianca just went off at me, until I just stopped responding.

Now. The story from yesterday. So, yesterday my friends and I weren’t sitting in our usual place because it was raining, so we were in the area of our school called “the factory”, and this Bianca girl and her friends, were sitting about 10 feet away from us. Anyway, we were just playing around, Juliet was singing along to High School Musical songs, and I was recording funny videos of Maddie. All while this Bianca girl was looking straight at us, staring us down.

When suddenly she went and spoke to a teacher, who then came and told us to stop recording people because we would lose our phones. As soon as we realised Bianca thought we had recorded her, I sent her a quick message saying, “Just so you know we never recorded you”, and she just replied with “yes, you did”, and then she blocked me.

Okay, so she blocked me, whatever. But then second break we were sitting in this little corner of the factory, and she kept poking her head around and looking at us, and one time she even blew a kiss and we were kind of just like …uhh, what the hell.

Then, I got home, where Bianca’s friend was harassing my sister saying that she was getting in shit for “punching” Bianca. Saying that she is going to get suspended, and that she talks like a boy, swearing at her, and insulting her. My sister barely replied, but she screenshot everything.

And then, Bianca unblocked me just so she could rant at me. And now I’m going to quote her messages.

(Bianca is in the bold, I’m on normal, just so I can show who is who.)

“Who tf do you think you are recording me?? Do you actually THINK I didnt see you’s.

Get a life looser”

“6 of my other friends saw u recording and I saw you and he bitch friend laughing.if you in year 9 how about you start acting like it xxx”

*I take a screenshot of chat*

“Prove it. I didn’t take any video of you”

“Ur di

U did

And u can delete it

Zoomed in and you’s all laughing

Bullshit you didn’t”



“You said you saw the video?



I’m not blind *heart emoji* *heart emoji* *heart emoji*”

*I take a screenshot of chat*

“I didn’t take one. And I didn’t send one. So where is it? Where did you see it?

“I saw it so did my friends next time you film someone tip, don’t FACE THE CAMERA RIGHTS TOWARDS ME A


*I take a screenshot of chat*

*Bianca takes two screenshots of chat*

“Go on, show ur friends!! Tomorrow you and your *friends* are going to the teachers. Bye love you xox”

“Look. I didn’t record you. I was recording my friend. Stop assuming that I took a video of you because I didn’t”

“Liar wow *laughing emoji* *laughing emoji*



Your going to the teacher and thats it cya INDIANNA”

“Wow. I’m only taking screenshots in case you block me again”


“What they all say

So?? What’s the screenshots gonna do??

What do u mean incas I block you again screenshots aren’t gonna fix that

And yea I’m blocking you have fun talking to the teacher, tel Alula she’s going to the teacher too

And IK u sent that to your friend they showed me x


After blocking me I told Juliet who then found out her snapchat and added her. I DID NOT give Juliet her snapchat though. Also, Alula is my sister in case you didn’t know.

And this is what she sent to Juliet:

(Bianca will be bold again, and Juliet is the normal font.)

“Tell that Maddie Bitch if she even LOOKS at me again my mums legit coming up to her and confronting her :). She’s done it to someone in my year before so THink about that next time :)) She’ll do it to your whole group too so you’s better BACK OFF”

“Why’d you add me mate??”


“Of course indy gave it

Anyway I’m blocking you bye”


“And no she didn’t actually I just found you in suggested”


“but I don’t get what did I do”

“Wow of course you don’t get it”

“no sorry I thought this was all over and done with”

“Since when

Who said?? Maybe it was until your friends started shit again”

“since I couldn’t careless

when did they start shit”

“Yea aye


“doing what”

“So do u

What do you think???

Especially MADDIE”

“sorry I don’t know”


“we just going about our day as we normally would”

“U wish

That’s what u were actually doing”

“you tell me what we’ve done cause honestly i don’t know”

“Ur the one who started this shit anyway don’t act like your so innocent”

“i was just backing up my family

i feel really sorry for you that you don’t have anything to do other than obsess over this”

*Bianca sent a picture*

*Juliet took a screenshot*

“Me obsess? I feel sorry for you bc u had around with a bunch of low life people who have nothing else to do than, film and laugh at people and pull faces

Wow screenshots πŸ™‚

Love it

Ur blocked ya

And be prepared for Thursday”

*Juliet took a screenshot*

“*heart emoji* *heart emoji*”

*Juliet took two screenshots*

*Bianca took three screenshots*

*Juliet took two screenshots*

*Bianca took two screenshots*


She also apparently sent messages to some of my other friends. At school today we decided that we were going to beat her to the teachers, and we did. We had to fill out official student incident reports, and now I don’t know what happens, but I think it’s quite ironic that she talked so much shit on snapchat and then never even went to a teacher or said anything to us at school.

I actually think this is my longest post ever…

Anyway, the two things that piss me off the most is that she started verbally attacking Maddie and that there was no video of her in the first place.

talk later,

Indy xx


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