i talk about myself too much

My biggest flaw: i talk about myself too much

This flaw is something that is very hard to control, which makes it very hard to change.

It was pointed out by Sarah, who did not say it out of anger, but told me in a warning. If I want to keep my friends I need to talk less and listen more.

Honestly, I’m not really surprised that this is a flaw of mine. I see it in myself all the time when I’m commenting on people’s posts. I always relate it back to me.

But how do I stop this? How do I change such a natural habit.

I guess it’ll be a process. Hard work too, but definitely a process.

I’ll have to be very conscious of what I am saying, and if I interrupt people, or just talk about myself a little too much in a conversation.

Maybe I won’t be able to change. Maybe it’ll be too hard. But I’m going to damn well try.

talk later,

Indy xx


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