calypso, alula, lily pad ponds, and fireweed

So, my sister (Alula) and I went on a little trip to our farmhouse, and we invited some of our old friends to come and visit and hang out! We invited Calypso and her little sister!!

Anyway, Alula and I got there a little after lunch time and so we went through some of our old stuff to bring home.

An anklet that I bought with one of my best friends. (We have matching ones.)

Earings that I got when I first pearced my ears

Bracelets that match my earings!

Pens, pens and more pens!

When Calypso got here we went for a walk and just talked, catching up on life. I told her about some of the drama at my school and she told me about the stuff thats been happening at her school, which are wildly different things. Alula hung out with Calypso’s sister for a while as well.

Calypso and I walking on my driveway surrounded by fireweed

Then we had a roast chicken for dinner! Yum!

Unfortunately I was feeling really sick, with a sore throat, blocked nose, and a headache. Yay me!

After dinner we watched a movie and played some games, then went to bed.

On Saturday morning I made banana on toast and a tea, and Calypso had this cookie spread, that my dad had bought, on toast. We then decided to walk around and Calypso wanted to go to the creek when I suggested we go to the lily pad pond.

My breakfast!

My dad then took us to the lily pad pond where we took some photos, then everyone climbed this massive hill, and these three kangaroos came out of no where I ran at Calypso’s sister, making her freak out and twist her ankle. I ran down and along the pond to dad, when another kangaroo came out of no where and passed where I’d just been. Terrified that I was going to get attacked I ran faster and called out to dad, and he brought his truck and picked up the others and went home. (My dad was fixing a broken gate at the time.)

The whole experience was so thrilling!

When we got back we had gyoza, which is Chinese dumpling kind of thing, for lunch. We also watched The Purge, which is such a good movie! It started getting late and we packed up all our things and put them in the car. We dropped Calypso and her sister off and headed back to the city!

And I also started listening to Ruth B.’s new album! It’s so good!

So that was my weekend. What did you do?

talk later,

Indy xx

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