girl boss – season 1

Inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s best-selling book, this series follows the rise of Amoruso’s multi-million dollar fashion empire, Nasty Gal. Britt Robertson plays the starring role of Sophia, a rebellious, broke anarchist who decides to start selling vintage clothing online. As her passion – and retail fashion empire – begins to grow, Sophia unexpectedly becomes a businesswoman, who starts to realise the value (and difficulties) of being the boss of her own life. Alongside the likes of Charlize Theron and Kay Cannon, Sophia Amoruso serves as an executive producer.

I’ve decided to start doing these with episode by episode updates and then uploading it all at once! So the layout for me talking about this show will be slightly different to my previous posts.

If you haven’t heard of Girl Boss watch the trailer, but don’t continue to scroll if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Episode One: Sophia


This is the pilot episode where we are introduced to Sophia. The episode starts with her quitting her job at a shoe store, and later she meets with her dad for dinner. Along the way she steals a carpet and buys a very valuable jacket for $8. She then puts it on ebay to find that it bids for $500! You get to see that Sophia is kind of a crazy character, and she does what she wants. But you can’t help but like her.

Episode Two: The Hern


In this episode Sophia discovers she has a strange bump and goes to the free clinic to get it checked out. She also goes to an estate sale looking for vintage clothes and looses all hope when the closest is found empty, but she then uncovers a trunk full of vintage clothes! Sophia starts to get semi serious about this career buying a book to find out how to run her ebay business! (Or more accurately, stealing a book!)

Episode Three: Thank You, San Francisco


Sophia shows Shane – the guy she is kind of seeing – around San Fransisco. She shows him all the things to love, and all the things to do; you also discover that she is terrified of Bridges. This is the first episode where you get to see a bit of Sophia underneath her carefree self. You learn a bit about her past, while she moves into the future. She’s still struggling to find a name for her business, and finds inspiration multiple times, but continues to doubt everything she comes up with. This episode is great, and you can’t help but love Shane! He is just so sweet!

Episode Four: Ladyshopper99


This is the episode that shows Sophia’s dedication to her growing online business. She gets a complaint about a wedding dress that she just sold, saying that it was discoloured. Even though the “discolouring” was clearly done by the customer, she gets them to send it back and she’ll get it dry cleaned for them. But this dress is on a time limit, and she’ll do anything to avoid a bad review. She faces so many setbacks and it comes to her having to cross the bridge… on foot. And she does it! She faces her fear of bridges just to deliver that dress! This is one of my favourite episodes because you see how much she wants this online job to work!

Episode Five: Top 8


Sophia does’t include her best friends, Anne, in her top 8, because she wants to include businesses, and they end up fighting over it. Sophia reflects back on different memories she has shared with Anne, including how they met, and ends up adding Anne to her top 8. I love this episode because it’s where Sophia realised how important Anne is to her, and how she shouldn’t let her business ruin her friendship.

Episode Six: Five Percent


Shane is going on tour, and Sophia is working at an art school so that she can get health insurance to take care of her Hern. She likes working there because she can still work on her online business, all she has to do is ID all the people wanting to enter, but when she gets health insurance she quits her job, wanting to take her fashion brand to the next level.

Episode Seven: Long-Ass Pants


Sophia buys a pair of vintage pants online, cuts them into shorts, and sells them for a massive profit. This is all good until the original owner shows up and her door to talk to her about how she just ruined a pair of pants. Sophia and this lady end up spending time together, and they share little parts of their past until her unexpected visiter gets the bus back home. A piece offering is left in the form of a beautiful vintage dress, that Sophia chops up and sells. This shows how immature Sophia can be, but I still love her!

Episode Eight: The Trip


Sophia finally goes to visit Shane on tour. She road trips with Anne and Dax, and the couples each have their own problems. Fortunately both couples were able to work things out, but it raises the question if Sophia and Shane are really compatible. I love this episode, and I still can’t believe how sweet Shane is! Also, Sophia is the one to fix things after the fight, symbolising that she has really taken a step up in her maturity.

Episode Nine: Motherf*ckin’ Bar Graphs


Sophia wants to take her online store to the next level. She wants to get an official office, only… she needs her father’s help. She asks him, and he agrees, but he wants to be the one to manage the rent. Infuriated, Sophia declines the offer and ends up renting our a warehouse instead. I love this episode, and I love how determined Sophia is to be independent. She knows she can do it, and she has faith, even when her father doesn’t.

Episode Ten: Vintage Fashion Forum


Annie asks Sophia if she can work full time for her as an employee as she already does a lot for the business anyway. Sophia rejects her. And the other vintage sellers get Sophia banned from eBay! What is she going to do!? I feel like Sophia can be such a selfish character sometimes. (I still love her though.) She just shot herself in the foot for no reason. (Figuratively speaking, not literally.)

Episode Eleven: Garbage Person


It’s Christmas time, and Sophia decides to go and find her mother, who had abandoned her years ago. She finds her as a struggling actress, who is trying to land a new role. Having not received the role she flips out, and Sophia sees why she doesn’t need her mother back in her life. I loved this episode because Sophia learnt that she doesn’t need her mum to fill the gap she left because Sophia is better off without her.

Episode Twelve: I Come Crashing


Sophia finds out Shane cheated on her! She saw him! *world explodes* Shane cheated on her! How could he?! I thought he was such a good guy! Ugh!! This made me so angry when she found out and I was so happy when she finally said something to him about it! She did in no way deserve that, at all. He needs to be forgotten! And I swear, if there is a new season, and he comes back, I’m gonna… throw something! …Sorry, I’m not very good at aggressive talk.

Episode Thirteen: The Launch


Finally! Nasty Gal is back up!! AND they have a party, AND she sells out! She sold out! And the episode ends with them getting so many more requests about clothes! Surely the show can’t be over, there’s so much more about Nasty Gal and Sophia’s life to explore. We can’t leave it all there!



And that is the evolution of Nastly Gal! I really liked writing in this fashion, even though it took way longer and was kind of tiring, having to write after every episode, it was so worth it! So I’ll probably end up doing more posts like this in the future!

talk later,

Indy xx

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6 thoughts on “girl boss – season 1

  1. aestheticvogue says:

    I LOVE Girlboss. It’s such an amazing show and I’m obsessed!!! I can’t wait for season 2. And ughhh!!!! I hated when Shane cheated on her! What an asshole omfg. I was sooo mad. They were such a cute couple and ge ruined it. I’m glad she ended things and didn’t go back to him.

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