Alula, the beach, dogs, and hot chocolates

So, this happened a while ago, but I just remembered, and I planned on writing a post about, then got side tracked and forgot. But I’m writing now!

Basically, my sister and I decided to take the dogs for a walk, (or more exactly, I begged her to come with me so I wasn’t a loner). My sister, lets name her… Alula. Yes, Alula!

Alula and I took the dogs to the beach. I walked Lily, (our much lazier, older, Labrador), and Alula walked Rusty, (our very athletic, energetic Irish Terrier). Our house is about a twenty minute walk from the beach, so it wasn’t that far.

When we got to the beach Alula and I had just walked past a cute guy pushing his bike up the hill, when Alula noticed that the baths had been drained. We both commented on how that was kind of strange, and I swear to god we must have sounded so stupid or something, because the guy that just passed us had stopped to look at us. I noticed this, because I glances over my shoulder to see him turning his head away and continuing up the hill.

Anyway, my sister and I decided to get some hot chocolates, and I payed for her because she “forgot” her money, and said she’d pay me back…. and now that I think about it, she never did pay me back!

The hot chocolates were surprisingly really nice, and we sat on the sand with the dogs. We talked, laughed, and snapchatted. I’d upload the photos, but I don’t have her permission, and she doesn’t know about this blog.

When we headed back we went through “The Aquarium”, which is a tunnel under the main road that is painted with sea creatures all along the walls. Alula and I also raced the dogs, and were half a block from the beach, when I realised she still had Rusty. (We were meant to swap over on the way back.)

We swapped, much to Alula’s unhappiness, and continued on our way. We were four blocks from home when I told Alula that we should go a different way because it was faster. She disagreed and wanted to go the same way.

This ended in us splitting up and racing each other home. I beat her to the lights, but immediately felt bad because she was my little sister, and I didn’t want her to feel hurt, so I then went around the block of our house before heading home. Alula beat me, and was very satisfied with herself, which made me happy too.

Anyway, this day was just super fun, and I wanted to recount it so that I had it written down somewhere and I could find it one day in the future.


I found a picture from that day!

talk later,

Indy xx

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