Q & A?

I want to celebrate my 100 followers by letting my followers get to know me!

Thank you so much for 100 followers, (well, 113 now!) I’m excited to be able to do a Q&A. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers doing them and I thought, considering I’d just hit a new milestone with my blog, I should join in!

So leave your questions in the comments below, and I’ll have a Q&A up this time next week!

(Also. I was think of starting an advice type thing, if anyone is struggling with any issues in their life. I’m may not be the most experienced person, but if you want to know how to deal with something or have any questions about stuff, feel free to email me in my “contact me” section, and I can post my response on here incase anyone else shares the same questions. And don’t worry, I’ll keep you anonymous 😉 )

talk later,

Indy xx

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