Paris, 1884. An orphaned girl arrives in Paris from Brittany. Félicie Milliner is 11 and has no money but one big, passionate dream: to become a dancer. With nothing left to lose, Félicie takes a big risk: she ‘borrows’ a spoiled brats identity and enters the Opera Ballet School. But how long can she be someone else? Mentored by the tough and mysterious cleaner, Odette, Félicie learns that talent is not enough – it takes hard work to be better than her ruthless, conniving fellow students. Felicie’s inventive, exhausting and charismatic best friend Victor also has a dream: becoming a famous inventor. Together, they both encourage each other to reach for the stars.

I went into watching this movie with average expectations. It was a predictable movie, nevertheless you still leave it feeling elevated, happy, and like you can do anything.

These movies always have the same plot. Girl has a dream. Boy takes girl to chase her dream. Girl has a conflict with another girl. Someone takes pity on girl and helps her. Girl works extremely hard to achieve her goal. Right before an important part girl has fight with boy. Girl messes up performance. Girl loses to the other girl that hated her. Girl gives up. Girl then regains hope. Girl competes again with opponent girl. Girl wins. Opponent girl admits Girl is better. They become friends. Everything works out. Happily ever after.

This movie was a happy, heart-warming story about an orphan girl chasing her dreams. Do we have enough of these movies in the world? Probably. Are they going to keep making more? Likely. Will I still watch them? Absolutely.

These movies are just easy and fun, and genuinely good. Obviously they’re not going to be some amazing thought provoking movie, but thats not what we expect anyway. We watch movies like this to feel good. And thats what they achieve.

Anyway, this movie was pretty good. I’d definitely watch a movie like this when I’m feeling a bit down. But I do prefer the more impactful shows out there.

What did you think of Leap!?

(I believe this movie is sometimes called Ballerina and sometimes called Leap!, so yeah, that confused me too.)

talk later,

Indy xx

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