now or never – halsey

Halsey has just released her new song “Now or Never”!! I’m so happy she’s making new music. This post was going to just be about Halsey, and how good of a role model she is for young girls, but then I remembered her new song, and thought I better do that instead.

Now or Never is kind of good. I say that because I prefer he older songs, but I also believe that this song is almost like a lead up to her older album “Badlands”. This is because at the end of the music video she cuts her long blue hair, and in Badlands she has short blue hair. So it makes sense that this part of the story came first.

The song is clearly about a relationship that hasn’t exactly worked out, like the guy lost interest or something, because she talks him never picking up and never calling.

My theory is that this relationship didn’t work out, and it broke her heart, because they were in love. She then skipped town, cut her hair off, and thats where this chapter ends, and Badlands starts.

I do like this song, but I fear its one that, if overplayed, will become boring and repetitive. Let’s just hope for everyone’s sanity that it doesn’t go mainstream or hit the charts, because then we’ll never stop hearing it.

talk later,

Indy xx

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