jasper jones

So I read this book a few days ago, and I was desperate to see the movie. So thats what I did. Can I just say, the mood for the movie was so good. I was with my mum, and we were alone in the cinema, except for a few other people, on a Thursday night. Anyway, about the actual movie:

I was very excited to see the movie for Jasper Jones, and I was blown away at how good it was. It is already one of my favourite movies, and I would go back and watch it again tomorrow. It was brilliant. Although, I will say, they cut out the scenes with Jasper and Charlie talking and basically their whole friendship’s evolvement. They also cut out another scene that I really loved from the book, but I can’t talk about that scene – cause, spoilers!

The acting was incredible and I loved hearing all the Australian accents. Also Levi Miller is amazing. If you don’t know who Levi is, he played Charlie, (the main character) in the movie.

When the movie finished I honestly felt happier than I had ever felt in a long time. Obviously, that wasn’t all due to the movie, I was also excited about some stuff that was going on in my own life, and an idea that I came up with.

Anyway, I recommend everyone go see this movie, because I absolutely love it, and you all need to watch/read it.

talk later,

Indy xx


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