liability – lorde

Ohmygod!! I can’t believe Lorde has released two new songs within a week!

I wasn’t rushing to hear Liability because Green Light had let me down a bit, but I decided to give it a shot.. and its so good!

I searched the lyrics, and read them while I played the song and its so sad, but it makes me happy at the same time..

…I’m not sure how the song makes me feel, but one thing is for sure. I am undeniably ecstatic for new songs from Lorde!

Also. I was going to do weekly music related posts on Fridays, and I still am, but for new songs, I’m going to post as soon as possible, because I want keep you updated on new music that you might not know that’s out, and also, why would someone want to read a blog about a song thats already been out for a month.

Anyway, back to the song. I really relate to Liability and it has a really strong message, so if you haven’t heard it, you should definitely check it out.

Listen to Liability.

talk later,

Indy xx


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