how private is too private?

In this era it seems like there is no limit to what you can put on the internet. But for young people, such as myself, how far is too far.

I see girls my age, fourteen, putting pictures up on Instagram of themselves in their bikini and underwear. I personally think it depends on the person and the context as too if it is too far.

I don’t think its as bad if you are an adult because you should know what is appropriate to put on the internet without someone having to tell you.

Another huge problem with these bikini pics though, is that girls are objectifying themselves. They do this by posting the pictures and hiding their face, either by posting a picture taken from behind, putting their phone in front if their face, or just straight up cropping their head out of the photo. They are taking away who they are, and their age. They are simply a near naked body.

When you post a picture of yourself and take away your face, people have no idea how old you are. You could be fourteen, seventeen, or twenty. You also take away the the obvious fact that you are a person, and are putting yourself out on the internet as an object.

I am sick of seeing girls put pictures of themselves on the internet that are clearly inappropriate. They should really ask to themselves before posting, would I like my dad to see this picture of me?

How can you expect people to respect you when you can’t even respect yourself??

Please don’t turn yourself into an object for “likes”.

talk later,

Indy xx



12 thoughts on “how private is too private?

  1. Thoughts in Life says:

    I agree! Social media has taken such a toll on us as human beings that we post anything about ourselves. We forget to respect ourselves and ruin ourselves by posting inappropriate pictures of one another. This is one of the reasons I personally don’t use Social Media

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  2. Inspired Teen says:

    This is such a great post and I completely agree! I am so against it and it makes me so annoyed and upset when I see this. I actually have a friend who is 18 and doing this and it’s just so bad, I never know whether to bring it up as we’re not actually close or just leave it, but the consequences could be so dangerous.

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