the edge of seventeen

I watched The Edge of Seventeen last night and… oh my god.

I played this movie expecting the sappy, silly, teen movie you usually get. But no. I got so much more. I got something relatable! I mean, no wants wants to watch a movie anymore about the misfit girl, who beats the head bitch, in a fight for the hottest douche. No one cares about that. At least, no one I know cares. But anyway, thats why I loved this so much.

I mean, who isn’t Nadine. Everything that happened, I was just like.. yes! You get me. The whole thing where she and her mum fight, andย she gets angry, and she does everything her mum doesn’t want her doing, and she just doesn’t care. Who hasn’t been like that? She’s reckless, angry, confused, alone.

I also think that me, personally, was able to relate to Nadine in the sense that I also resent my mum, and at the moment I’m also having friends problems, as my friend group is crumbling and I don’t really know anyone else or what to do.

Basically, Nadine is the first fictional movie character to actually represent teen life, and the struggles regular people go through. Before seeing this movie, I would have thought every movie producer thought that every girl is the underdog that wants to go to prom.

Although, there are still some teen movie gems that I should give credit to: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Kings of Summer, The Spectacular Now.


What do you think of The Edge of Seventeen?

talk later,

Indy xx


8 thoughts on “the edge of seventeen

  1. The Invisible Ink says:

    I absolutely LOVED this movie! I honestly cried like three times…. and I agree Nadine is completely relatable and I see a lot of myself in her! I actually liked it more than The Spectacular Now, but probably because I relate to The Edge of Seventeen so much more ๐Ÿ™‚

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