heavydirtysoul music video

So can we just take a moment to talk about the music video that was finally released for Heavydirtysoul??

There are lots of theories and opinions about this music video. From what I have heard, it is the final video for the Blurryface album and signals the end of the Blurryface era. Many people are talking about how the era started with ice and ended with fire and were wondering what this could mean. Does it mean that something is thawing?

I decided to do a little digging to see what video exactly was the first to be released. I found that their first video was Fairly Local, which means that the claims of the era starting with ice and ending with fire would be correct, as there is a lot of ice and snow in the Fairly Local music video.

But back to Heavydirtysoul! I am quite happy with the video. They clearly put a lot of work and effort into the video and I think it does the song justice. The video is very symbolic and metaphorical with the driver being there and then not being there. This happens twice in the video, first when you don’t see the driver’s reflection and then when you don’t see the driver at all. I think that the car represents Tyler’s life and as it catches on fire and gets more and more beat up its like his life is getting more and more out of control. And then eventually he jumps off, like he abandons ship, because he wasn’t in control of his life. He was a passenger to an imaginary driver. I think that Tyler jumping off shows him taking back control of his life. Then we have the scene at the end where he chose to turn his back on the explosion, and I think that maybe this shows that he is done with that part of his life, and he won’t let it control him, because when there is an explosion you have an urge to look at it. And he refused to turn and look back.

Although the blurryface era is ending I am very excited and hopeful for their next album. I once read an article about how blurryface doesn’t compare to Vessel, and ever since I read that article I think they’re right. Blurryface wasn’t as good, so I’m hoping that with their new album, it’ll be better than anything they’ve done before. But whether it takes a Vessel route, or a Blurryface route, or maybe even a completely new route, I’m still going to support Twenty One Pilots.

Do you like Twenty One Pilots? What did you think of their Heavydirtysoul music video??

talk later,

Indy xx


2 thoughts on “heavydirtysoul music video

    • theiridescentworldofindy says:

      Hahah. Thank you. And you’re right, the meaning behind the video could be anything, but one thing I’m positive about it that it has a meaning. Because I’ve watched a million interviews and Tyler has meanings for every little thing. So I dont doubt that there is a meaning behind the video.


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