lost in a spiral of thoughts

So, sometimes, usually when I’m in the car, I’ll be thinking. I’ll start thinking about one thing, then another and then another. And I know you’re probably thinking that its completely normal to have… thoughts. But what I’m talking about, is when you’re thinking so much, and you’re so lost that you’ve blocked out the music playing in your ear. And then all of a sudden it comes back to you. The world comes back to you. And you snap out of it like you were in a trance.

I apologise for the briefness of this post. But I wanted to ask. Has anyone else experienced this?

talk later,

Indy xx



8 thoughts on “lost in a spiral of thoughts

  1. victorswordsblog says:

    Hey! Same here! It happens with me a lot! Most of the time I am travelling I will be lost in these boulevards of ideas, thoughts, memories, and it will keep on getting deeper and deeper like you are diving inside a bottomless ocean. But then, all of a sudden you are out! Just in a fraction of second, you are like fished out of the ocean… It’s strange….and as I experienced it a lot. To be honest I thought it’s just me, just a guy lost in idleness.

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