sketchy fuckboys

This is probably going to be a long story so I would grab a big, steamy cup of tea, get a comfy seat, and relax. I’m also going to make it longer by trying to describe as many details as possible because I want to be a writer one day so…. practice?

Last week I was on holidays, and my family and I were staying in a cabin. It was a pretty nice cabin, right on the water, and close to a lot of stuff. I should also mention that here in Australia its summer, so we could swim in the river and stuff.

I’m pretty sure it was a Tuesday, and the sun had just set. It was quite warm this night, so I decided to listen to some music and just message my friends and waste time. I was standing, leaning on the railing; I don’t know why, but whenever I’m tense I can’t sit down, I have to stand.

I’d been standing on this deck for a while now, when a group of guys past…. and they were all looking at me. There were about five of them. I’m the world’s most awkward human being, so yeah.

I just remembered that it might also be relevant to mention that I’d seen these guys before, they’d walking through the park earlier that day, and I was sitting at the cabin, with my back to them and they must have said something or waved because after they walked past my little sister asked me if I knew them.

But back to the story… these guys were walking past the cabin and looking at me. I froze. I didn’t know what to do, so I kinda just stared back at them.

Then one of them, the blond one, calls out, “What’s your name?”

…And because I’m the most awkward human to ever walk this earth, I said, “Why do you ask?” Why??? I don’t know why I said that.

Then for some reason all five of the guys decided to come over to me. So, I’m up on a porch, and they were down below me. It made me feel safer, knowing that they couldn’t actually touch me or anything.

A different guy, he must have been the leader. I did later learn his name, but I have now forgotten. But anyway, so Leader comes up to me. And he says..

“High five?”

So I’m kinda confused but I agree, and then he also asks for a fist bump.

“You’re cool.” Is all he said about that. Then, and I swear this was practised or something. He holds onto my hand and looks up at me and just says, “You’re pretty.”

I don’t know how to respond to this so I guess I probably just looked at him for a second and then responded… “Thanks?”

Then, just like that, Leader and his friends leave. I don’t remember what they all looked like but what I do remember is that there was Leader, Blondie, Topless, and That Guy That Asked For Me To Add Him On Facebook. There was another guy but I don’t remember anything about him.

Lets move on to about half an hour later, nothing much has happened. I’m still listening to The Neighbourhood and texting my friends.

So these guys come back. They were clearly coming back from wherever they’d gone earlier.

And these guys are looking at me again. I try and ignore them. It’s kinda late by now, I’m guessing 10:00. And then, I don’t know who said it, but one of them asks, “What are you doing still out here?”

I don’t have a reason so I just say, “I like it out here?”

Then they ask me if I smoke which I responded with, “No?”

“Wanna come walk with us?” This came from Blondie.

“Ugh no,” is all I said in response to that question.

I don’t know if they noticed someone move inside or if they just wanted to know if I was on my own but Leader asks, “Who’s inside?”

“My sister.”

“Younger or older?”

“Younger. She’s eleven.”

“How old are you?”

“Fourteen,” there was no way I was going to lie about my age. That would get me into more trouble then it would help me.

The previous talking had been between me and Leader, but now all of the guys were like, “Fourteen?”

Then Leader says…. “I’m not even a minor. None of us are.”

Shit! These guys had to be at least eighteen! Thats four years older then me.

Then Topless says, “Hey. I’m sixteen.” Like that helps. *rolls eyes*

“Wanna come walk with us?”

Now I’m really puzzled. They know that I’m well underage and they still want me to come with them? Thats at least a bit sketchy. Like, what kind of sane guy wants a fourteen year old to hang out with them anyway? I mean, I was clearly too young for them.

So I said, “Ugh. That situation doesn’t look like it has good odds for me? Five guys and one girl?”

They continue to try and convince me to come with them for a while; and then Topless says, “Hold on, I need to see what she looks like.” Uh. I’m right here. I can here you?

Topless then turns on the torch feature on his phone.. and shines the light in my face.

Then that other guy that I mentioned before, tries to hand his phone to me and says, “Add me on Facebook.”

And you know, I’m kinda proud for how I responded… “Hahahah. I don’t have Facebook.” That’s right. I somehow had enough confidence to laugh?

I then hear Topless mutter, “Who doesn’t have Facebook..?”

The guy hold his phone out for a while longer until he realised that I’m not going to take it from him. And then they leave….

…. and that was my meeting with fuckboys.

talk later,

Indy xx


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