the cellar by natasha preston – book review


My stomach dropped as a tall, dark-haired man stepped into view. Had he been hiding between the trees?

“No. Sorry.” Gulping, I took a step back. “I’m not Lily.”

He shook his head, a satisfied grin on his face. “No. You are Lily.”

“I’m Summer. You have the wrong person.” You utter freak!

I could hear my pulse crashing in my ears. How stupid to give him my real name. He continued to stare at me, smiling. It made me feel sick.

“You are Lily,” he repeated.

Before I could blink, he threw his arms forward and grabbed me. I tried to shout, but he clasped his hand over my mouth, muffling my screams. My heart raced. I’m going to die.

For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her – and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers can’t survive long cut from the sun, and time is running out…

Okay. So I am so excited to write about this book! I just finished it yesterday and wow, just wow. I haven’t read many thrillers or mystery in my time but this book was so good.

Natasha Preston has that style of writing, kind of like Andrea Portes, where you feel so close to the character, because of their voice. And I loved the different perspectives, seeing how other people were reacting to Summer’s disappearance… and the mind behind the kidnapper!

I also think that having flashbacks to the past was not only interesting but helped shape the characters and show Summer and Lewis’s relationship. Without those flashbacks I wouldn’t have felt nearly as much for those characters.

Seeing into Colin’s/Clover’s mind was also really interesting and finding out why he did what he did and acted the way he had.

And those final chapters! I couldn’t stop reading!

Can we just talk about the ending for a moment? I don’t know how it could have ended any better. I didn’t see it coming (but I should have) that Poppy/Becca would be the one other girl to survive. I mean, it makes sense. But the whole book I was just thing about how Summer was going to escape with Violet. And I’m not at all surprise that Rose died. She was too far gone for a normal life anyway.

I also think that its so nice that Becca’s and Summer’s families are close now! After everything that those girls went through… I’m so glad they got found! And how close Lewis was when he was in Colin’s house!

The only thing that I’d change about this book this that I would have liked to see a bit more in Colin’s mind. Like, what happened when he was in the insane asylum thing? Was he really pulling a sheet over the doctor’s eyes or was he becoming less messed up?

talk later,

Indy xx


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