hick by andrea portes – book review

So… this is my third attempt at writing this review thing. It’s not really a review. I tried writing it with a review format and it just didn’t feel right so I apologise if this isn’t what you are looking for. I wrote a whole official review, but it accidentally deleted, so I gave up.

I likely won’t be saying much about this book because of the fact that this is my third time writing about it. I will say that Andrea Portes’ writing is the reason I am here writing about the book, because I love her writing, and that is the reason I will give any book she writes a try.

Hick was really good, especially considering it was her first novel. It’s about a girl named Luli, that after her father abandons her and her mother goes off with some other guy, she decides to go out on her own and hitchhike to Los Vegas. Let’s just say that a lot of stuff happens to Luli on this adventure.

This book is has a lot of themes that aren’t very openly talked about in today’s society. It brings up topics like violence, rape, pedophilia, and drugs. It was a fantastic novel and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys teen books that have a little more substance.




talk later,

Indy xx


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