If you haven’t heard of Wattpad and you love reading you need to at the very least check it out! I love Wattpad. It’s essentially an app you can download on your phone and you can read other people’s stories for free!! You can even publish your own for people to read!

There are some amazing stories on Wattpad, some even get officially publish off Wattpad and become real, physical books!

Anyway, I just thought I’d mention it. And I hope you give it a try.

Are you on Wattpad? And if you are what are your favourite stories??

You can follow me there @TheIridecentWorld !

talk later,

Indy xx


One thought on “wattpad

  1. Jemima says:

    Haha I find it weird that there are people who haven’t heard of Wattpad because it’s seems like one of those sites that everybody knows about. To me, at least. I used to read fanfiction there but now I use A03 because I find it easier to navigate.


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