why i love music

I love music. Music is a part of what drives me to participate in life. Music makes life that little bit brighter. I am open to a lot of music types, but I tend to stay away from the charts. I prefer Alternative Rock and my favourite artists to listen to right now are: Twenty One Pilots, The Neighbourhood, and Aurora.

In fact, I am going to see Twenty One Pilots in concert April 2017!

I listen to music everyday. It’s essentially become the soundtrack to my life. I listen to music in the car, when I am working on projects, doing art, running, cleaning… Whatever you are doing, there is a song out there to make it a little bit more enjoyable.

I have always been a huge music listener, but I think this previous year my love for music has really sky rocketed. I don’t know why, I just know that when you have music, you can make everything more enjoyable, and that is part of the reason I made this blog… to hopefully make someone else’s life that little bit more enjoyable.

Tell me, if anyone is reading this, are you a fan of music? And if so what kind of music makes you happy?

talk later

Indy xx


20 thoughts on “why i love music

  1. Josh says:

    I’ve found this year that I’ve had a growing dependence on music too! It’s been such a struggle trying to fit all these albums on my phone. I hadn’t been keeping track of how much I had, but I looked the other day and my songs totaled over 550. I started off with the mainstream emo stuff (FOB, MCR, P!ATD) and while I still love them, my music taste has gotten a lot more adult-y. I’ve been getting into the 90s alternative rock stuff with Death Cab for Cutie and Weezer.

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  2. abbadabadoo says:

    Omg I love music too nothing could make me happier than listening to music when I’ve been feeling down or whenever! I totally related to this blog post too! Btw I would really appreciate if you or some of your viewers would like to come check out my blog!

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  3. abbadabadoo says:

    Omg I love music too I think it’s whenever I’m sad I always listen to music and makes me much happier, and btw I would really appreciate it if you or some of your veiwers should come check out me blog, cos I’m just a newbie!


    • theiridescentworldofindy says:

      Music is everything!! Although, I do have friends that will only listen to music if it is on the charts…., I think I have another blog point. But basically, I had a friend and I showed her this song I loved and she couldn’t care less, which I understand, because that type of music isn’t for everyone, but then about 4 months later, the song was on the charts, and it was playing on the radio and she was singing along. I said to her that I thought she didn’t like the song and she said that she did now…. How can you just change her ming?! But long story short she ONLY likes songs when they are on the charts.

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      • Jemima says:

        πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ Yeah I get that but I think it’s the opposite for me. Like I like songs when I first hear them but I tend to lose interest when it’s played too much. Like I really liked Blurred Lines when I first heard it and I was making everyone listen to it but then when it started being played everywhere, I got sick of it. I think that’s what happens to most people though. Like you hear a song you really like so you play it all the time and then you just get sick of it. That’s why I try to moderate listening to songs I love so the love can last longer. Lol, it’s kind of weird but it’s what I do

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      • theiridescentworldofindy says:

        Yeah! That’s happened to me plenty of times. But I do find that there are songs that I could never get sick of. Like, I might get bored of them for a while but I’ll always eventually come back to them. Having said that, those songs that I never truly stop loving are never the songs that get played to their death anyway.

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  4. Tanisha says:

    Hi! How was the concert? Your blog is great, by the way. It sucks that you have to make changes to it. If any of you guys want, you can check out my blog at bothsidesoftheequation.wordpress.com.

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